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Ramona, SD 57054

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Buying Dates
First day for furs and hides is November 10th.
Last day for:
Deer hides Jan. 15
Mink Jan. 31
Fox, Coyote, Raccoon Feb. 15
Badger, Muskrat Mar. 15
Beaver Apr. 15
We buy finished goods ( Dried and Stretched ) year round.
To receive the most for your fur and hides go to fur handling tips.
DVD Video Library
John Graham  5 titles
Dobbins  5 titles
Slim Pedersen  4 titles
Bob Noonan  3 titles
Trapper Art  3 titles
Bob Wendt  1 title
Andy Weiser  1 title
Ron Hauser  2 titles
Mark June  3 titles
Rich Kaspar  2 titles
Kellen Kaatz  1 title
Kyle Kaatz  2 title
Mill Creek Lures 4 title
M&M Outdoors  1 title
Winkler 2 title
Lesel Reuwsaat  1 title
Gerald Schmitt  1 title
Johnny Thorpe  2 title
Tracy Truman  2 title
Darin Freeborough  3 title
Carman  6 titles
Dobbins  5 titles
Slim Pedersen  6 titles
Bob Noonan  1 titles
Mark June  1 titles
Kellen Kaatz 1 titles
Kyle Kaatz 1 titles
Gerald Schmitt  2 titles
Austin Passamonte  5 titles
John Epler 1 titles
Robert Vance  2 titles
Winkler 1 titles
Jim Spencer  2 titles

Peterson Furs now accepts Mastercard, Visa and Discover card!

Call 605-482-8131 to place your order today.

Due to inflation and supply chain issues prices may be higher than listed.


* Business Hours *
Best time to call is Monday thru Saturday 8 AM to 5 PM.

Please call ahead if delivering fur to set an appointment.
Prices are subject to change without notice.
Fur Harvesters Auction last receiving date for June 2022 Auction is Saturday March 26th.

Fur Harvesters Last Receiving Date for spring beaver and muskrat for 1st 2023 auction is Saturday May 14th.

For more information and a Fur Harvesters Auction schedule please email your name, address and phone number.
Peterson Furs accepts Personal Checks, Money Orders, PayPal,
Mastercard,Visa or Discover credit cards
(credit cards call 605-482-8131 to place your order)
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